Stupid-ass-drawing-a-day Challenge Season ONE Final!.jpg

Stupid-ass-drawing-a-day Challenge

In 2017, I realized I wasn't posting on social media enough.  I wanted to create a challenge that not only helped me grow as an artist daily, but something that allowed me to get all of the RIDICULOUS ideas that I had in my head out into the world. Day by day, (with more than a few missteps and missed days because I'm only human) The challenge grew into something that allowed me to finally see how much I could grow by just putting my ideas out there. No matter HOW stupid. Or asinine. or Shitty. Daily, I was drawing the things that made me laugh, the things that made me cry, and the things that I felt about the world around me. More than 365 days later, I'm working on Season 2 of the challenge that’s taught me more about myself than I COULD'VE EVER IMAGINED.